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सीमावर्ती 2 - हेडहंटर 5: क्रॉमेरॅकचा मुलगा (डीएलसी)
आमच्याकडे स्टॉकमध्ये 50 परवाना आहे


नियमित किंमत रु. 2.79 रु. 264.95 विक्री

Borderlands 2 - Headhunter 5: Son of Crawmerax (DLC) - ( BEST SELLING DIGITAL ITEMS UNDER 599 )

Taking off for Wam Bam Island for some relaxation? Mayhem catches up with the Vault Hunters when Sir Hammerlock gets kidnapped by the terrible Son of Crawmerax in this fifth and final Headhunter Pack - save him with the help of Crazy Earl and pick up some souvenir heads and skins along the way. But watch out, Sparky Flynt is looking to heat things up and give you more than a sun burn.

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