सरासरी इंटरनेट सुरक्षा मल्टी डिव्हाइसेस 2017 2 वर्षे अमर्यादित

अँटीव्हायरसइन्स्टंट डेलि ...बहुभाषीअधिकृत वेब ...जगभरात

नियमित किंमत रु. 1,512.99 विक्री

AVG इंटरनेट सुरक्षा मल्टी डिव्हाइसेस 2017 2 वर्ष अमर्यादित - (अँटिव्हायरस)


Upper-tier security at an entry-level price
Everything you look for in an Internet Security product, now at an entry-level antivirus price. Our security updates itself automatically to protect you from the latest threats.

New Webcam Protection
Your camera shouldn't be a peephole for hackers. Forget taping it over: we disconnect it until you need it, so you can do whatever you want to do in front of your PC worry free.

New Ransomware Shield
Insurance has no price when your personal files and photos are at stake. We make sure your express permission is required for unknown programs to alter them.

स्वयं अद्यतने
Automatically updates to the new version to protect you from the latest threats.

Improved Antivirus
Keep your essential and most popular software always up to date

Ransomeware Protection
Wall off personal photos & files from ransomware attacks

Webcam Protection
Stop hackers from using your webcam to spy on you

A.I. Detection
Proactively stop malware with advanced, PC-based artificial intelligence

Real-Time Outbreak Detection
Stop even the newest malware by uploading previously unknown samples to our ThreatLabs, which then create & push out the cure to all our 400+ million users

Web & Email Protection
Block unsafe links, downloads, & email attachments

Data Safe
Encrypt & hide your most private photos & files to prevent family, friends, or thieves from seeing what’s yours

All-in-One Scan
Scan for unwanted browser add-ons as well as annoying PC performance problems

Real-Time Security Updates
Security updates & new features are pushed to you automatically

Enhanced Firewall
Keep hackers from getting into your PC

Secure DNS
Avoid fake websites for safer payments

विरोधी स्पॅम
Block spam, scams, & phishing emails

UNLIMITED Installations
Install on UNLIMITED personal or family computers

Includes AVG AntiVirus PRO for Android
Protect UNLIMITED Android mobiles & tablets


यंत्रणेची आवश्यकता
कारण Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista & XP SP3
For Android 2.2+. For Mac 10.8+

सिस्टम आवश्यकता:
Processor Pentium 4, 256 MB RAM / 2 GB of free hard disk space

जलद ग्राहक समर्थन
त्वरित ईमेल वितरण
HTTPS सह सुरक्षित पैसे

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